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photo 2022-08-06, 08 23 54.jpg

Site History

Amongst the many attractions that the Pilanesberg offers, other than the big 5, is the world famous geological Alkaline Ring Complex (being one of three in the world) and the history of its' people is a story of its' own.

From the farmers of Pilanesberg to the Bakgatla- ba- Kgafela tribe who owned the Pilanesberg area, the presence of man is recorded in the various sites belonging to the Iron and Stone Age.

Amongst these is the Iron Age Site (the second phase of the Late Iron Age), which is located near the Tilodi Dam. 

This is the best natural preserved site in the North West Province and is believed to be between 300 and 400 years old.

Since after the formation of the Park, The Friends of Pilanesberg (FoPS) was given permission to maintain the site and to bring the site back to its former self. 

What we are doing

The site was overrun by a dense thicket of Sickle bush and was impenetrable.

Since 2016, working a few hours on Saturday mornings, once a month, work parties have feverishly embarked on removing the sickle bush.

More recently, Selly Park Secondary School have come on board. They have updated our signage and each month, on our work party Saturdays, a group of pupils come and a undertake some community work at the site. The interest from the pupils is astounding. 

Today, over a third of the site has been cleared out, revealing cattle kraals, rock platforms, rock walls, hut floors, a workshop area, artefacts such as cutting stones, rock casts to make tools and many more including two grinding stones. 

Signs have been erected around the site explaining the area and allow visitors to enjoy a self-guided tour within the safety of an electric fence. The entire tour will take about 20 minutes.

The highlight is of course the Look Out set on the top of the hill which gives the visitor a 360° view and one can see for km’s around. 

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